Dr. Sam P Abraham

Dr. Sam P Abrahm is the Medical director of Abraham‘s Infertility, 4D ultra sound, Colposcopy, Laparoscopy & Test tube baby centre, Changanacherry, Kottayam, Kerala.

Profile of Dr. Sam:

State rank holder in SSLC examination. Studied in S.H high school Changanacherry. Did Pre- degree in SB College Changanacherry, Medical and Post graduate studies from Medical College, Kottayam. (Registration No.15217)

Area of Interest:

  • Laparoscopic surgery for women, removal of fibroids, uterus.
  • Hysteroscopic surgery for removal of septum, adhesion, lining.
  • Female Urinary Incontinence "TSUIT" sling etc.
  • Infertility IVF-ICSI

Awards & Honors::

  • Gandhi Puraskaram 2004-05 for excellancy in the field of infertility from Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation
  • Athurseva Award
  • IMA Kerala State "Nammude Arogyma" award
  • Professional excellancy award, JCI Zone Conference XXII, 2010
  • Global excellancy award, 2010
  • Friendship Forum of India, International Gold State Award, 2010

Received the Bharath Excellence award and gold medal from the International penguin publishing house and Gandhji Peace foundation award

Has 15yrs experience in treating infertile couple. Pioneered in Laparoscopy,hysteroscopy, sperm banking, doing aspiration in IVF,ICSI.
Has presented papers on Infertility and Gynaecology in state and National Conferences.

Has participated as faculty in Endoscopic & Ultra sound Workshops. Millennium Excellence Award for Excellence in work. Athura Seva Award for
patient care.

Has co- ordinated the Round Table Discussion on “Poor Responders” in ISAR 2005 conference held on February 2005 in Bombay.

Has presented in the ISAR 2006 conference held in February 2006 in Bangalore. Has presented in the AICOG 2006 conference held in January 2006 in Cochin.

Has presented in the IAHR conference held in March 2006 in Cochin. Has presented cutting EDGE 2007 conference held in May 2007 in Bangalore.Has presented All Kerala Conference on Obstetrics& Gynecology Feb.2007
Has presented world Congress on practical Infertility Management & Human Reproduction on Nov. 2007

Has presented 3rd world Congress on Nov. 2008 Mumbai WCPIM 2008.

Has presented in CUSP 2008 at Chennai.

Has presented in YUVA FOGSI 2008 in Thrissur

Has presented in International Congress on PCOS held in August 2008 in Goa.

Has presented 14th National Congress on Assisted Reproductive Technology ISAR 2009 at Pune

Has presented All India Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaeology AICOG
Jaipur 2009

Has presented 31st AKCOG on Feb. 2009 at Calicut.
Has presented ISAR 2010 CIMAR Cochin
Has presented ISAT 2010 Mumbai
Has presented IAGE 2010 Delhi
Has presented ESHARE 2010(European society of human reproduction and Embryology)
Has Presented Advance 2010 Trivandrum
Has Presented CUSP 2010 Chennai
Has presented URPSSI Chennai
Has presented Tank conference 2010 Mumbai
Has presented GET 2011 Chennai
Has presented AKCOG 2011Kasargod.
Has presented IAGE 2011( Endoworld 2011) Aurangabad.
Has presented CUTTING EDGE 2011 Bangloor.
Has presented ESHARE 2011(European society of human reproduction and Embryology
Has presented ISAR 2011Delhi.
Has presented IVF LITE 2011Goa.
Has presented Advance 2011 Trivandrum.

He is the Clinical secretary of Indian faculty of Endoscopy and infertility.

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